Juliana Osinchuk

Growing Babies Bright
...music for babies that exercises their musical "muscles"...

Enchanting music from Mozart and other composers designed to provide a healthy, nurturing environment and a chance for your baby to exercise "musical muscles"!  This project benefits Children's Hospital at Providence in Alaska.

Music has the power to influence and change any persons' mood. Music can make you laugh or cry, tap your toes or fall asleep, agitate or soothe you. The speed, pitch and range of music can affect you positively or negatively. While research on music's power has been ongoing, only recently has the general public become aware of the vast potential of listening to music as well as participating in it. Music education in the earliest years of development improves a child's learning ability because young minds are like a fresh, empty sponge, susceptible to all kinds of stimuli which they absorb very quickly. As responsible parents, we try to comfort and teach our children right from wrong, as well as protect them from bad influences. We are careful with language, visual stimuli, nutrition and physical education but we often forget about the power of music. The fact is, unborn children hear before they see. They learn to recognize a parent's voice which is why we are encouraged to speak to them before birth. What kind of music do we want the baby to hear? Would it not be best to create a healthy auditory environment, free of undue anxiety or stress?

This collection represents that type of music. It takes you through a journey of 16 classical piano solo works to be enjoyed by all, including adults. The works were chosen for the soothing as well as uplifting and stimulating qualities, yet care was also taken to be certain no work unduly taxes an emotion. The selections include four works by Mozart, whose music as been receiving media attention regarding its ability to influence intellectual development...

(Listen to some clips from Growing Babies Bright. You'll need RealPlayer which you can download from the Real.com if you don't already have it.)

Read the Parenting, February 2001 review of this CD.

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  1. MOZART Variations on "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", K. 265
  2. GOTTSCHALK Cradle Song, RO 27
  3. MOZART Rondo a la Turca from Sonata K.331
  4. SCHUBERT Wiegenlied, op. 98, No.2 (piano transcription by J.   Osinchuk)
  5. ALBENIZ Pavana-Capriccho
  6. DeFALLA "Nana", from "Seven Spanish Folk Songs" (piano transcription by J. Osinchuk
  7. MOZART Sonatensatz in Bb major, K. 400
  8. CHOPIN Berceuse, op. 57
  9. GRIEG At the Cradle, op. 68, No. 5
  10. GRIEG Grandmother's Minuet, op. 68, No. 2
  11. GRIEG Arietta, op 12, No. 1
  12. MOZART Rondo in D major, K. 485 The Four Seasons
  13. From The Four Seasons
    GRIEG, Summer's Eve op. 71, No. 2
    TCHAIKOVSKY, Autumn Song from "The Seasons"
    MacDOWELL, Winter Song, op. 32, No. 4
    MENDELSSOHN, Spring Song, op. 62, No. 6

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