Recordings by Concert Pianist
Juliana Osinchuk

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Keys to Recovery

A gift of music to inspire hope
for those who need it most.

Nothing but Singing to do

22 beautiful art songs for soprano, mezzo and piano.

Music for Babies: 16 Enchanting Classical Piano Solos from Mozart and other Composers

Growing Babies Bright
Growing Babies Bright, as reviewed by Parenting magazine, February 2001: "These 16 classical piano solos will dazzle parent and baby. Alaskan virtuoso Osinchuk treats compositions from Mozart, Schubert, and Grieg with a delicate and precise hand. Don't be fooled: This stimulating music isn't about to lull your little one to sleep just because it's classical."

Featuring Dukas' "Sorcerer's Apprentice" and Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue"

The Sorcerer's Piano

13 rarely performed piano vignettes including "Un Poco di Chopin"

Tchaikovsky's Piano Works

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