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Dr. Osinchuk has presented lecture/recitals, workshops, and Master Classes since 1975. Her vast teaching experience include college courses in keyboard literature (she developed the curriculum at SUNY Purchase for her “Historical Survey of Keyboard Literature” course), pedagogy workshops and all levels of piano students. This is combined with a very active performing career that gives Dr. Osinchuk a special perspective in her presentations.

She has presented numerous workshops on piano technique and pedagogy across the U.S. from small communities such as Dillon, MT and Bethel, AK to large cities and university centers. She is a certified member of the Music Teachers’ National Association, has served as a judge and adjudicator for international competitions and local events, and regularly presents educational programs for kindergarten through high school students as well as music appreciation lectures for adults. Dr. Osinchuk has been a guest speaker for numerous professional organizations, and a pre-concert lecturer at Performing Arts Centers for their recital series.


“And you, too, can be a music critic”

Find out how you can become a more discerning listener and gain confidence in your own opinions.

The Sounds of Nature in Keyboard Literature

Nature has been a source of imitation since the Elizabethan period. Listen to examples and historical background about “programme” music.

The “A - B - Cs“ of Musical Vocabulary

An overview of the most frequently used musical terminology at concerts and in recordings.

The Mozart Phenomena

A presentation of all the recent news and reports on how listening and playing certain music can contribute to a child’s development.

Performers, Audiences, and their Responsibilities

A dialogue for better understanding and communications between performers and their audiences, and what really happens onstage.


Piano: the Magic of 88 Keys

Since its invention 300 years ago, the piano has influenced the course of music and the lives of the general public more than any other musical invention. We will explore through live examples how music changed and developed in all styles – classical to popular.

Mozart & Friends - What is classical music?

Explore the music of Mozart and other composers of the classical period and learn about all the changes and innovations of the 1700’s.

What makes American Music American?

Why does certain music sound American or French or Italian? Listen and learn about how a composers’ lives and environment influence the compositional process.

How does music change – a journey through time

Explore music through the centuries, and hear how it changes and develops. We will also touch on other art disciplines and history.

Rhythm & Motion in Music

Rhythm is a pattern of beats, accents, which measure motion. When you add sound to rhythm, you create music. We will start by creating rhythmic patterns and make music.

Painting Images with Music

Throughout the history of music, composers have written pieces that are descriptive and conjure visual images. After several historical samples, students will experiment on their own images.


Tonal Quality and Developing Tone

A pianist’s beauty of tone is what distinguishes the great masters, and the workshop will focus on understanding what a good tone is and how to develop it.

Musicianship & How to Achieve It

Defining, analyzing musicianship and discussing teaching tools.


A brief historical background on the tradition of memorizing, and several key points on how to improve the memorization process.

Problem Solving Practicing Techniques

Proper practicing is the key to overcoming all technical problems and achieving keyboard mastery.

How to Practice Efficiently

Each stage of learning a given work requires a different approach to practicing. This will outline the phases, and specific practice requirements.

The Mikrokosmos of Bela Bartok

Exploring one of the most important pedagogical tools for the keyboard of the 20th century.

Beginning to Teach French Keyboard Literature

French piano music is personified by the Impressionistic period that requires a very different approach. We will explore the tonal palettes needed and discuss appropriate literature.


The Stylistic & Historical Aspects of Keyboard Music

A multi lecture series covering the most important musical aspects for a better understanding of performance practices in each period.

The Musical Crossroads of the 1920’s

This exciting period probably had more diverse and controversial musical styles than any period before. Explore the composers and their works of this time.

The Development of the Piano Concert Etude

We will survey the piano etude or study from its beginnings to the virtuoso concert works of Chopin, Liszt and Debussy.

Tchaikovsky's Character Pieces for Piano

Tchaikovsky is best known for his symphonies and ballets, but there is a myriad of charming short piano works – gems for the listener.

Piano Music for Children and About Children

Through the ages, children’s literature in music has been a favorite among composers. We will explore works by J.S. Bach, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky and others.


A Historical Overview of Ukrainian Piano Music

The Ukrainian literature is very rich, and has long been neglected. This will familiarize the listener with important composers and their works.

The Piano Works of Viktor Kosenko (1896-1938)

Kosenko was one of Ukraine’s preeminent pianists and composer of richly romantic and passionate writing style.

The Piano Works of Borys Lyatoshynsky (1895-1968)

Lyatoshynsky was the avant-garde figure among Ukrainian composers who wrote 5 symphonies, chamber music, lieder as well as solo piano works.

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